555 Timer - Frequency and Duty Cycle Calculator

Enter values for R1, R2, and C and press the calculate button to solve for positive time interval (T1) and negative time interval (T2). For example, a 10K resistor (R1) and 100K (R2) and 0.1 uF capacitor will produce output time intervals of 7.62 mS positive (T1) and 6.93 mS negative (T2). The frequency will be about 70 Hz. R1 should be greater than 1K and C should be greater than .0005 uF. Scroll down page for basic 555 information (pinout and two basic circuits).

Positive Time Interval (T1) = 0.693 * (R1+R2) * C
Negative Time Interval (T2) = 0.693 * R2 * C
Frequency = 1.44 / ( (R1+R2+R2) * C)
R1 (K Ohms)
R2 (K Ohms)
C (Microfarads)
T1 (Milliseconds)
T2 (Milliseconds)
Frequency (Kilohertz)